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We provide clients with access to timely and privileged information, accompanied by the highest quality analysis of current and emerging security, political, economic, and social developments throughout Iraq. Daily Subscription access as well as Bespoke reporting services are available.

To learn more about the analysis provided, please see below for Our Reporting, and register for a free trial subscription period. To review current information we routinely collect and analyze for our clients, kindly use the map located to the left of the screen. This map depicts one week of data, with detailed event discussions available on a daily basis.

Unrivalled Insight & Operationally-Focused Intelligence

Talos provides high quality information and analysis pertaining to the Iraq operational and security environment. We routinely support a diverse range of commercial, humanitarian, government, security and other commercial organizations.

Our success is derived from an intrinsic devotion to supporting our clients' operational vision, while maintaining the professionalism of a highly experienced analysis team. Talos stands out for its independent status, with no direct ties to potentially biased government organizations, private security companies, or foreign policy think-tanks.

We provide a user-friendly website accessibility for subscription users. Our customised web-portal allows clients access to easily-available and informative insight concerning current and emerging security developments and risks.

Our analytical reports are tailored to meet a wide-range of client interests and needs. Additionally, we produce bespoke analytical reports to support individual client operations, movements and on-the-ground activity.

Whether all you have is 2 to 3 minutes to maintain overall awareness, or need highly detailed information concerning a key development, Talos will professionally meet your needs and provide you with timely and accurate information.

We welcome client feedback and communication in order to continuously improve our processes. Additionally, we maintain a pool of professionally trained analysts, with a key focus on client-driven information.

Our goal is to assist organizations in their own success, through timely information, knowledge and understanding of the dynamic environment which is Iraq. To view our range of products and receive a demonstration, please register with us.


About Us

Talos was born of a desire to provide truly objective analysis in order to facilitate our client’s ability to understand the dynamic Iraq security environment. Despite our comparatively short history as a company, Talos has excelled by using analysts with extensive experience in Iraq, remaining adept at evaluating the ever-changing climate.

Talos has rapidly attained an expanding foothold in the security and analysis market, as a testament to the value of the company’s sound principles and focus on very simply doing what we do best. We are a US-based company centered around an international core team of professional analysts who understand industry-wide challenges in providing high quality and objective information and analysis specific to Iraq.

The use of an online platform and a professional analytical core as the driving force for the company, allows Talos to offer services at an attractive and competitive price point.

Ellen Pope | Chief Executive Officer

Advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology, Comparative Cultures and Human Intelligence Collection, with a background in law enforcement, launched Ellen on a career in Intelligence, Information Management and Analysis for businesses, government, military, and NGOs. Military training and a 15-month deployment in Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division, prepared Ellen for Intelligence and Information Analysis with a focus on the Middle East and Iraq. Since first arriving in Iraq in 2006, Ellen has worked with a wide range of organizations operating throughout Iraq and Syria. In 2015 Ellen launched Talos and began expanding service provision for a range of organizations, with more recent expansion of the company outside of Iraq.

Carl Castellano | Senior Analyst

Carl is a graduate of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in history. He had two Iraq deployments as a U.S. Marine Infantry officer in Anbar and Basra, Iraq. Carl later served as an Intelligence Analyst with an international security and information provider in Basra and Baghdad, Iraq. He went on to serve as a Security Specialist for the U.S. Consulate in Basra, Iraq, and as a Security Specialist and Intelligence Analyst in support of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Carl joined Talos in 2015 and was quickly promoted to the position of Senior Analyst. He spearheaded much of the development of Talos’s information gathering and analysis platform, and conducts most of the daily reporting tasks in cooperation with other Talos analysts.

Our People

Each Talos analyst has a lengthy and professional history operating in diverse security environments, and substantial experience conducting in-depth tactical and strategic analysis. Our team is also skilled maintaining awareness of key political, economic, and social developments.

Our locally employed specialists are capable of collecting information from a wide range of Arabic and Kurdish-language open source outlets as well as local sources, with the company focused on providing true countrywide locally-sourced information, in context, with particular focus in challenging environments where information is often difficult to obtain.

The Talos team is further supported by more specialized consultants knowledgeable in economics, regional and political analysis. Together, our cohesive architecture provides Talos the ability to efficiently respond to our clients' values and operations throughout a spectrum of developments, each assessed to have a direct, indirect, and peripheral impact to very specific interests and goals.

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