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Complex suicide attack against power plant outside Samarra

September 02, 2017  

At around 0300 hours on 2 September, at least three IS suicide bombers armed with explosive vests and light weapons, including grenades, attacked the Samarra Diesel Power Plant, located southeast of the city. The operatives, wearing military uniforms and workers uniforms, overran the facility and attacked plant employees until security forces responded. Each of the attackers were shot and killed or detonated their explosive vests after being engaged in different areas of the station, causing multiple fires in addition to other damage. The site was declared secure approximately three hours later.

At least seven were killed including four policemen and three workers, or alternatively six workers and one policeman according to other accounts, while 13 individuals were wounded including eight security personnel. Operations have been suspended at the site until repairs are made, with power outages affecting multiple areas between Tikrit and Samarra. IS claimed responsibility for the attack, named three suicide attackers identified as Abu Adil al-Shami, Abu Omar al-Ansari, and Abu Khalil al-Ajili, claimed to have killed 10 individuals and wounded 20 others, and claimed to have put the station out of operation as a result.

While multiple high-impact attacks have been noted in the leadup to Eid al-Adha, the 2 September events formed the first statement-level attack during Eid al-Adha. Well-planned complex suicide attacks in Salah ad Din are commonly noted on an intermittent basis, with such capabilities facilitated by IS infiltration routes stemming from the Hawija pocket, underground cells active in rural areas of eastern Salah ad Din, and the lower density of security forces compared to Baghdad. An attack in an area of Baiji on 16 August killed at least 11 security personnel and wounded 17 others. The next most recent complex attack near Samarra involved a largely failed attack on 16 June.

The 2 September attack also illustrates occasional deviations in target profiles asides from more regularly seen attacks against civilians in commercial areas and security forces. In this respect, this incident bears similarity to the 15 May 2016 Taji Gas Plant attack. Both the Taji Gas Plant attack and Samarra Diesel Power Plant attack resulted in fairly significant infrastructure damage. In addition to repair costs, additional costs could be incurred by increases in security measures at affected sites and similar infrastructure targets along the Tigris River Valley.

هذه اثار الصفقات مع الارهابيين بالفديو اثار الدمار الذي لحق بمحطة جالسية سامراء للطاقة الكهربائية في سامراء عقب التفجيرات الارهابية التي ضربت المحطة والتي راح ضحيتها 7شهداء من موظفي المحطة

Опубліковано ‎محمد قادر السامرائي Mohamed Kader al-Samarrai‎ 2 вересня 2017 р.

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