Periodical Analysis Reports
- Included in Subscription

Daily Regional Reports

A daily overview and analysis of key events pertaining to North, Central and Southern regions. Provides interactive mapping with key numbered events to quickly conceptualize recent activity within each region. Read further discussion and analysis of key developments.

Immediate Action Reports

Time-sensitive and often critical events which may impact operations – updates made as information is gained. Direct e-mail notification to subscribers and one-on-one client contact if client-specific event or development.

Daily Summaries

Concise discussions of key developments in each region as well as developments with Iraq-wide implications. Media round-up of key international developments for peripheral awareness.

Specialized Analysis Reports
- Included in Subscription

Featured Reports

More detailed analysis report of a key development or operationally significant event. Further discussion of regionally / nationally relevant development or trend. Further clarification of important and complex topics.

Weekly Analysis Report

Weekly overview and analysis of key events pertaining to regional and national developments. Take a glance at the map and layers to readily understand where different activity hotspots are located – zoom in for a closer view. Control Zones along dynamic fronts shift as key operations take place.

Special Reports

More detailed analysis report of a key development or operationally significant event. Highly detailed and highly analytical report pertaining to a set of key developments, topics, or issues. Historic or developmental analysis relevant to understanding the current environment.

Our goal is to assist organizations in their own success, through timely information, knowledge and understanding of the dynamic environment which is Iraq. To view our range of products and receive a demonstration, please register with us.


Bespoke Reporting

In addition to the periodical and specialised reporting that we deliver, we also provide client requested and client-driven assessments of key issues, locations, threat, trends or developments. Our bespoke reports impart statistical data provided as part of a specific or larger view; and regular client-specific reporting to support operations in high-risk or rapidly changing environments.

    Examples of Bespoke Report Topics:
  • Trend analysis relevant to client operations
  • Impact of events as related to client operations
  • Route assessments / Area orientation packets
  • Threat assessments for areas of future operations

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