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This glossary includes vocabulary, definitions and terminology Talos LLC is using in its reporting.
Airstrike An attack on specific objectives by fighter, bomber, or attack aircraft on an offensive mission.
Arrest To seize and hold under the authority of law.
Assassination To murder (a usually prominent person) by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons.
Carjacking The act of stealing of a car in transit with the use of force.
Cease-Fire A suspension of armed conflict agreed to by both sides. It may be aimed at freezing the conflict in place, in which case it is often called a cessation of hostilities agreement. Or it may be a formal cease-fire with more elaborate terms and provisions including external monitoring, often undertaken as part of a larger negotiated settlement.
Civil Unrest A civil disturbance such as a demonstration, riot, or strike that disrupts a community and requires intervention to maintain public safety.
Complex Attack An attack involving multiple different weapon systems, i.e. an IED and small arms fire.
Engagement A violent, armed attack against a local objective.
Explosion An explosion of which the origin or type cannot be established
Hostage Taking Where a person or group is held in a siege situation. Similar to a kidnapping scenario, their safety and subsequent release is usually dependent on the fulfillment of certain conditions. These conditions may include: the publicizing of a political cause; the exchange of hostages for political prisoners; or the evasion of prosecution by criminals when their activity has been discovered by the authorities.
Human Remains Find Discovery of the body of a deceased person, in whole or parts.
IED Explosion An explosion which was confirmed caused by an IED although the type of IED has not been determined or disclosed.
Indirect Fire Attack A bombardment delivered by indirect fire weapon systems, commonly used to describe artillery, mortar or rocket fire.
Insurgent Activity Activity by insurgents which can include but is not limited to: troop movements, illegal checkpoints, arrest operations, reconnaissance, resupplies, etc..
Military Operations Coordinated military actions of combat or non-combat types conducted by a recognized military force.
Murder The killing of a human being with malice aforethought.
Propaganda A form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Often the term is used with a negative connotation.
Robbery The act of taking goods from a victim by violence or threat.
Suicide IED Explosion An explosion which was confirmed caused by a Suicide IED.
Suicide IED Found/Cleared A Suicide IED which was positively detected, identified, neutralized, rendered safe and recovered.
Vehicle Borne IED Explosion An explosion which is confirmed caused by a Vehicle Borne IED.
Vehicle Borne IED Found/Cleared A Vehicle Borne IED which was positively detected, identified, rendered safe and recovered.
Small Arms Fire Fire delivered using man-portable, individual, and crew-served weapon systems used mainly against personnel and lightly armored or unarmored equipment.

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