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Central Regional Report 12 September

September 12, 2017  

The below is a summary and discussion of recent developments throughout the region. Information is garnered from a variety of sources and has been vetted whenever possible. Please note: Friday and Saturday reporting is reduced at regional levels.

Note: For above mapping, please scroll over individual spots to see further details. Due to developments outside of Talos control, some map features are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Explosive remnants of war cleared outside Fallujah
  2. Air traffic controllers conduct strike in Baghdad
  3. Unrest in Karada after stall removals

Near Rawah on 11 September, one Coalition strike engaged an IS tactical unit and destroyed two IS-held buildings. One additional belatedly reported strike on 10 September destroyed three IS-held buildings. Most other developments in western Anbar were limited to routine unconfirmed atmospherics reporting concerning preparations for future operations.

On 10 September, security forces arrested an individual accused of being involved in terrorism activities at the Suqur Checkpoint between Fallujah and Baghdad. On 12 September, a source reported that 14th Iraqi Army Division engineers detonated a number of explosive remnants of war IEDs and mines in al-Nu’aimia, south of Fallujah. No casualties reported in these events, with this area hosting one of the highest concentrations of UXO / ERW left over from the liberation of Fallujah.

On 11 September, Iraqi air traffic controllers announced plans to conduct a work strike affecting the Baghdad and Basra international airports beginning on 12 September, stating that only emergency landings would be permitted. These events stem from previously seen demands issued by air traffic controllers calling for the disbursement of technical allocations, and other demands related to the appointment of eight colleagues. The statement added that the air traffic controllers would not accept any verbal statements acknowledging their demands as was seen in the past.

On 12 September, the Director of the Air Traffic Control Department of the General Civil Aviation Institute, Fadil Kadi’ Baden, stated that due to the work strike conducted by the controllers at the Baghdad International Airport, the Department was forced to implement an emergency plan established by the Department in cooperation with the Serco Company. The director called for necessary actions to prevent the closure of the Iraqi airspace as soon as possible.

International organizations are advised to be aware of an ongoing potential for travel disruptions at these hubs. However, it is also important to emphasize Iraqi government mediation efforts are expected to be decisive concerning this issue, with temporary mitigation efforts proving effective, and long-term disruptions not anticipated.

On the night of 11 September, Baghdad Municipality teams removed a number of stalls in Karada area. That night, a number of individuals closed a road in Karada in protests against this event, with few further details noted. Such reactions, as well as low-level attacks against municipal employees, form a very common response to efforts to remove illegally built stalls. In other unrest on 11 September, a number of Jisr Diyala residents staged a demonstration in protest against the lack of services.

Three IED attacks in and around Baghdad killed at least one individual and wounded several others. In the most notable of these, a roadside IED detonated against a Hashd al-Ashairi patrol in Arab Jabour, East Rashid, with one member reportedly killed and two others wounded as a result. Several security operations were reported during this period against a range of common criminal threats, with several suspected criminals arrested as a result. Security forces also arrested three wanted individuals on terrorism charges in areas south and west of the city, and recovered a number of mostly legacy caches and explosive threats.

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